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Our English for Kids courses implement creative, fun content to create a personalised learning path for each individual young student, making the whole experience of learning a new language easy and exciting. We have a systematic approach and follow a clear defined process, based on the latest scientific discoveries for faster absorption and acquiring new skills. Since learning a foreign language is just another skill, we firmly believe that the more you practice – the better you become. To make the practice and repetition process more bearable and fun for the young learners, we implement interesting activities, songs, videos and games. This English course features teaching materials specially designed for children. Our approach is game-based, interactive and FUN!


A course-based system with a fixed class schedule. Lessons are scheduled upon a previously agreed fixed time and are conducted on a daily basis by the same teacher. This kind of structured learning helps immensely to achieve confidence and fluency in shortest possible time. We believe our “365 days a year” learning philosophy is the most efficient way to master any given task – especially crucial when studying English as a second language. This type of Course is cheaper than the alternative FLEXIBLE option.


This kind of learning approach is flexible in the way that you study at your own pace, with carefully planned lessons to improve reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. Learn and practise with expert teachers either as a VIP student (one-on-one), or have fun in a group class environment, comprised of students from all over the world – with a maximum of 8 students per class. These are custom-made lessons that meet your learning goals and needs. Your learning schedule is entirely up to you, so that you can stay on top of your journey to fluency.